A word from the President

« Since it opened its doors in 1968, Université Paris-Dauphine has been a unique player in French higher education - both highly selective and unreservedly committed to promoting social and cultural diversity. How do we attract the best and brightest? We owe our success to a multidisciplinary academic project that combines the excellence and advanced research capabilities of a university with the vitality and professional perspectives of a business school, to our international vision and reach, to our privileged ties with the business community, and to our capacity to engage with our local communities.

Paris‐Dauphine is a creative institution, constantly developing initiatives to further innovation and promote talent. For example, the Dauphine Talents Bachelor's program makes it possible for top-level athletes, talented artists, performers, and entrepreneurs to combine university studies with their athletic, artistic or entrepreneurial careers. Our innovative, research-based approach to teaching benefits both students and researchers. We encourage students to participate actively in the university's numerous student clubs ans organizations and we support student entrepreneurship via our business incubator.

Paris‐Dauphine is also socially engaged and responsible. We encourage openness of mind, thoughtful action, strong ethics, and promote active and responsible citizenship. We advocate multidisciplinary research capable of meeting today's societal challenges. The university is outward-looking, engaged with the communities around it. Paris-Dauphine actively promotes equal opportunity admissions through and outreach, learning and financial support initiative designed to prepare high school students from low-income households for admission to Paris-Dauphine. To ensure that housing issues do not discourage students from pursuing their studies, Paris-Dauphine, via Fondation Paris-Dauphine, is engaged in an ambitious drive to acquire new student housing.

Paris-Dauphine is an international institution, and we are continuing to expand overseas, to strengthen our international visibility and attractiveness both in research and academics. We believe that international exchange is essential to education. Through exchange, students experience different cultures, ways of thinking and behaving, making them more open and better prepared to thrive in a global world. »

Isabelle Huault
President, Université Paris-Dauphine