Research Publications

We study how trading costs are reflected in equilibrium returns. To this end, we develop a tractable continuous-time risk-sharing model,...
Cet ouvrage interroge l'impact de l'arrêt Google Spain c. Costeja, quatre ans après son adoption.Il s'agit de comprendre comment ce droit à...
Dispositifs de compliance issus des lois Sapin 2 et Vigilance examinés sous l'angle des dirigeants de sociétés. Dirigeants responsables?...

Faculty publications

Dauphine faculty members regularly publish their research in a wide range of Dauphine, French and International reviews and media: scientific journals, learning materials, essays and articles, case-studies, symposia, working papers ....

Dauphine research unit publications

The Dauphine publication data base was created in 2009 to bring together and give access to all of the academic and scientific material published by Dauphine's research units and initiatives:

The purpose of the data base is to:

  • give Dauphine faculty researchers greater internet visibility
  • facilitate direct communication between researchers within and outside of Dauphine
  • showcase Dauphine research, highlighting its dynamism

As of June 2011, the data base contained over 6000 descriptive notices, 50% of which are accompanied by the full published text.

Research Assistance and support services publications

Research Assistance and Support Services promotes Dauphine research by informing the Dauphine community and the research community at-large about Dauphine research units' work and findings. Dauphine Recherches is its main publication.

Dauphine Recherches

Dauphine Recherches first appeared in 2009 and publishes three issues annually. Articles are written with the general public in mind.

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