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Bessière Céline

Full Professor

celine.bessiereping @
Phone : 01 44 05 40 19
Office : P413 bis


Céline BESSIERE is Professor of sociology at Paris-Dauphine University (PSL University). She studies the material, economic and legal dimensions of family, in particular through the analysis of inheritance and marital breakdown. She is the author of a book on Cognac winegrowing family businesses (De génération en génération, Paris : Raisons d’Agir 2010) and the co-author of a book drawing on a vast research on family courts in France (Collectif Onze, Au tribunal des couples, Paris: Odile Jacob, 2013). Her next book, The gender of capital, is under contract at La Découverte (with Sibylle Gollac). Her research is at the crossroads of several fields: sociology of law and justice, sociology of gender and family, and economic sociology. In 2016-2017, she was a member of the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. More on her personal website

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