Disability Services

Dauphine: Accessible & Inclusive – a Community where everyone counts

Disability Services, part of the Student Services organization, ensures equal access to all programs, activities and university life for students with permanent or temporary disabilities.

In collaboration with the University Physician, the academic departments and administrative services, Disability Services work to accommodate disabled students' needs. Common accommodations and services include:

  • extended degree programs and schedules: allowing disabled students to fulfill requirements over a longer period of time, giving them one or several additional years to complete their degree
  • individual academic support: additional and remedial classes and tutorials, individual academic advisors, extended time allowed for examinations, secretarial assistance for exams, classroom notetakers, etc.
  • assistive technology and infrastructure: access to assistive computers, software and specially fitted study rooms
  • assistance and support for everyday student life
  • targeted career development services in collaboration with Dauphine Entreprises
  • support and assistance with Dauphine and general administrative formalities
  • on-campus disability awareness raising initiatives

The Disability Services team also participates in Dauphine’s on-going reflexion on making the Dauphine campus increasingly accessible to all.