Library and Data Resources

Dauphine University Library is the premier French reference library for economics and management. 

With over 180,000 books, subscriptions to 1,500 magazines and reviews in economics, management, law, mathematics, IT and  social sciences, on-line access to over 40 data-bases, 24,000 periodicals and 9,000 e-books, the library provides students, researchers, alumni and staff alike with all they need to pursue their academic and professional activities.

The Library is labelled CADIST (Center for the acquisition and circulation of scientific and technical publications) and participates in numerous library and data resource networks: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, BNF's Pôles Associés network, NEREUS and COUPERIN. It is also responsible for publishing, referencing and circulating Dauphine PhD theses.

Dauphine University Library is organized in two departments: a study library and a research library.

The Study Library 

Recently renovated, the study library is a bright, cheerful and comfortable place to work.

The library offers 620 Wi-Fi-equipped individual study spaces as well as 30 direct-access computer stations, 15 of which are located in the "Boc@l" internet research room.

17 group study rooms are available, 6 of which may be reserved in advance.

The Research Library

The Research Library is reserved for Masters 2 students, PhD candidates, faculty and researchers.

Recently renovated to improve internet access, reader comfort and acoustics, it has 10 computer stations, Wi-Fi access and can accommodate up to 100 readers at any given time.

Dauphine Library Digital Portal

Our documentary portal gives users access to the library's comprehensive catalogue of printed and electronic resources.

Data bases are accessible from the Library reading rooms.