Dauphine, a PSL research university

Paris-auphine – a member of the PSL initiative for excellence

On July 4th 2011, an international panel recognized Paris Sciences et Lettres as one of the 3 premier French initiatives for excellence.

Dauphine and our 24 PSL partners share common values: 

  • fostering excellence in taught disciplines and research,
  • privileging "human size" organizations 
  • affirming that excellence requires selective recruiting

Our ambition: make the PSL research university one of the world's top 20 research institutions.

The 25 PSL member-institutions share a common goal: attract the brightest and best students worldwide. 

We also aim to contribute to our communities and to promote France as a center for scientific and academic excellence.

A unique & innovative academic approach

The PSL Université Paris has developed a unique and innovative approach to academics combining science and research with the creative disciplines at all levels of study from Bachelor's to PhD. 

By 2015, PSL will open its own unique multi-disciplinary Bachelor degree program.

A ground-breaking transdisciplinary PhD program associating science, art and design will complete the degree program offering.

PLS will also provide executive education programs tailored to meet the needs of the private and public sector.

Close personalized guidance & cross institutional mobility  

PSL students benefit from close, personalized guidance throughout their studies.

For Masters and PhD students, a Graduate Student Center will provide information and advisory services, cultural and practical resources and will facilitate student mobility among the 16 PSL member-institutions. 

Research is our top priority

With 4,500 researchers and 2,500 carefully selected PhD candidates, PSL is an acknowledged player in the international world of research. 

We have defined three strategic development priorities:

  • specialized research centers
  • trans-disciplinary research projects
  • tools to facilitate knowledge-sharing, good practices and evaluation standards.


PSL Université Paris is building close ties to economic and social stake holders, a prerequisite to creating partnerships with private and public institutions and with the corporate world. By doing so, we hope to make science a major contributor to social innovation and economic growth.


Paris-Dauphine is a founding member of PSL along side some of France's most prestigious academic and research institutions including the Ecole Normale Supérieure, the Collège de France and the Curie Institute. 

The PSL Foundation now includes all 25 member institutions.  

PSL is governed by a Board of Directors, half of whom are chosen from outside the university community. The Board of Directors is assisted by a Strategic Orientation Committee composed of 10 members from the international scientific community and by an Academic Assembly comprised of 3 to 7 representatives from each PSL member-institution. 

The President of PSL is elected by the Board of Directors and is responsible for implementing the Board's general policy decisions. He is assisted by an Executive Vice-President, a Vice-President for Finance and Administration and a Steering Committee representing the PSL member-institutions.