Vision & Strategy

Université Paris-Daupine has always been an innovative institution for both research and education. The unique sense of identity that unites our faculty, researchers, staff and students has been strengthened in recent years by Dauphine's growing autonomy, increasingly global perspective and drive for diversity.

Considered a "Grand Etablissement" since 2004 and EQUIS accredited since 2009, Dauphine is recognized as one of the premier European teaching and research universities in the organization and decision sciences. 

Today, Dauphine's three strategic objectives are:

  • building strategic academic partnerships with prestigious French institutions notably under the PSL initiative for excellence
  • strengthening Dauphine's international perspective
  • reinforcing and diversifying our financial resources.

Paris Sciences and Letters (PSL*)

Dauphine is a founding member of the Paris Sciences and Letters (PSL) initiative for excellence.

PSL is a pluri-disciplinary alliance of France's most prestigious and selective academic institutions who share common values and goals: to foster excellence in taught disciplines and in research, to privilege "human size" organizations and to affirm that striving for excellence requires selective recruiting. 

PSL offers Dauphine the opportunity to participate in building one of the world's finest multidisciplinary research institutions.

Strengthening Dauphine's International Perspective and Recognition

International exchange is a top strategic priority for Dauphine. Our efforts to develop Dauphine's international perspective and strengthen recognition and focus on:

  • developing international research partnerships
  • encouraging students to study abroad
  • recruiting foreign faculty and students
  • creating degree programs in English.

Reinforcing and diversifying our financial resources

Reinforcing and diversifying our financial resources is one of the three top priorities of Dauphine's New frontiers 2012-2017 strategic plan, and essential to our continued development.

In 2013, Dauphine's operating budget totaled € 101.2 million. The French government contribution (€ 63.8 million) was down by € 600 thousand compared to 2012, a decrease offset by increased own resources. In 2013 our Dauphine's own resources totaled € 24.1 million, up 9.6% over 2012, thanks to a dynamic Executive Education sector (+ 11.5%), exceptional growth in our apprenticeship programs (+16.3%) and higher tuition revenues (+34.6%). Thanks to our successful efforts to increase and diversify the university's own revenue resources Dauphine once again generated an operating surplus in 2013.