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Diplôme : Executive Master of Business in Luxury

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All courses are thaught in Shanghai except three courses (Creative Design Management, The future of luxury, Digital Luxury Marketing) which are held in Paris in October 214 along a european study tour.


The Executive Master of Business in Luxury (EMBL) is targeted to persons looking to make a significan improvement in their professional management skills. This program presents the best practices and the most up to date management research contributions to provide a competitive advantage to the managers that will be working in luxury industries.

The EMBL helps students to develop a culture of arts and to acquire a solid understanding of the luxury sector and its specificities.

The EMBL is a program allowing professionnal to carry on their managerial responsibilities while acquiring new knowledge and skills. While reviewing the point of view of different fuctional departmens, from marketing to operations, the program is however highly cross-functional and focus on horizontal skills that are now a key success factor in hypercompetition.

Participants to the program will:
  • Gain an integrated set of practical skills in marketing, management and law applyed to luxury ;

  • Get access to latest developments in management sciences applied to luxury ;

  • Be able build an international professional network in luxury companies.


Teaching language: English

MAJ : 28/10/2013


Responsable de formation : Denis DARPY

Courriel : denis.darpy@

Département : MSO

Nom : Harry FADEL

Courriel : harry.fadel@

Applications in Shanghai:
俞 雪 ZHANG Linjia
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Co-Progress Education Groupe 10F,
Hao Ran
High-Tech Building, 1954 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai, 20030

Tel : 86-(0)21-51036295



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