Joint diplomas in Bucharest

Nature of the exchange

The Université Paris-Dauphine, represented by the President, Professor Laurent Batsch and The Academy of Economic studies of Bucharest, represented by their Vice-Chancellor, the Professor Ion Gh. Rosca, propose an exchange within the following joint diplomas :

- Master (4111) "International Economics et Development" and the Master (4211) "Diagnostics, Conjoncture and Prospectives of World Economics" at the Université Paris-Dauphine (UPD) with the Master "International Economics and European Affairs" at The Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest,

 - Master (4172) "Engineering Economics" at the Université Paris-Dauphine (UPD) and the Master DAFI "Economics and Financial Management" at The Academy of Economic studies of Bucharest.


Maximum 3 students per master and per academic year.


To obtain the diplomas at ASE and UPD in their specialized Master, the students have to follow and validate the courses as defined in the cooperation agreement.

- You are currently finalizing your Bachelor in GEDESS,- You apply for the Master of your choice, in January- The Course Coordinator Master will help you with your application files and the interview for the selection while you finish your Bachelor.- You will be selected by the Course Coordinator of the Master, after an interview- You will do your M1 at ASE.- You will do your M2 at Paris-Dauphine.- You then graduate and will receive a diploma both from Paris-Dauphine and from ASE.

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