Sustainable development

Sustainability is a top priority for Université Paris-Dauphine as is evident from our operational programs and in our curriculum.

Social responsibility: curricular pathways and research projects

Courses on good business practices and ethics are an integral part of the bachelors and masters curriculum. 

Dauphine has also created 3 masters degree programs specifically dedicated to these issues:

  • Master of sustainable development
  • Master of sustainability in the work place, in collaboration with the Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (the ANACT)
  • Master in the Economics and Finance of a Low-Carbon Economy

Numerous projects coordinated by Dauphine researchers are also indicative of the university's commitment:

  • The Fondation Dauphine chair in Management and Diversity
  • A chair in the Economics of Climate Change. 

Implementation of the Green Plan

In 2008, Université Paris-Dauphine, in association with the Dauphine Association for Sustainable Development, implemented an ambitious environmental sustainability program beginning with an evaluation of Dauphine's carbon footprint and a CO2 energy efficiency diagnostic.

Dauphine has applied stringent energy efficiency standards to specifications for the major building renovations underway and has taken measures to ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

On a day-to-day basis, Dauphine faculty, staff and students have been sorting their waste since 2009. Dauphine has also introduced sustainable development criteria in its public procurement specifications and contracts.

Dauphine Community

Université Paris-Dauphine is fortunate to have a rich and diverse community of students, faculty and researchers, staff, alumni, sponsors and corporate affiliates. We work every day to build and strengthen that community in France and internationally by:

  • reinforcing ties between the university and the Dauphine Alumni association 
  • developing knowledge sharing within Dauphine through the Open University, a program of monthly conferences, open to all faculty and staff, where Dauphine faculty members share subjects of interest in their field of expertise.

And through the efforts of the Fondation Dauphine, founded in 2008.