Equal opportunity admissions

Expanding access to a university education

Dauphine's Equal Opportunity Admissions Program (Egalité des Chances) was created in 2009 with support from Fondation Dauphine.  It is a powerful, on-going commitment to recruiting Dauphine students from the broadest possible range of social and cultural backgrounds, beginning with first year Bachelor's students.

The program reaches out to high school students from the Paris Region’s priority education zones to let them know that a university education at an institution like Dauphine is a realistic option for them, prepares high-potential high school students for admission to Dauphine and helps them adapt to university life once admitted. In 2010, Dauphine's Equal Opportunity Admissions program received the Cordée de la Réussite label in recognition of its commitment and success.

The program targets students in the last two years of high school and is implemented in close collaboration with teaching teams at the 25 Ile-de-France participating high schools. Approximately 110 high school teachers participated in the program in 2012/2013.

Equal Opportunity Program students admitted to Dauphine benefit from an innovative "Triple Sponsorship" system designed to facilitate their integration and contribute to their future academic and professional success. Three mentors, a student, a member of the faculty and an alumnus, accompany each program beneficiary admitted to Dauphine throughout their studies.

The entire Dauphine community is mobilized to make the program a  success with over 100 mentors and volunteers participating annually.

The program has grown steadily, from 8 Equal Opportunity candidates admitted in 2010, to 49 students 2014. Since the program began, 335 Equal Opportunity Admissions beneficiaries have been admitted to Dauphine. Three partner corporations, KPMG, Unilever and BNP Paribas Real Estate, the program. They contribute not only financially and also by offering students professional and cultural opportunities, providing housing support, organizing visits to their corporate headquarters, offering summer jobs and internships. The program organizes regular events throughout the year: the sponsors welcome evening at the beginning of the academic year, quarterly monitoring meetings and the annual Parcours Dauphine forum in May.

For more information on the program:

Visit the Equal Opportunity Admissions website