Tunis Campus

Dauphine | Tunis is the university's first international campus. Dauphine | Tunis is an institution of higher learning devoted to full time and continuing education in the organization and decision sciences. Our goal is to train managers and decision makers capable of meeting the challenges of international competition.

Université Paris-Dauphine is Dauphine | Tunis' academic partner; we provide faculty and researchers and share our expertise in developing university programs in the organization and decision sciences for the public and private sectors: Management, Economics, Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies.

Through the excellence of its programs, Dauphine | Tunis participates in promoting Tunisia as a world-class center for higher education and research.

Life at Dauphine | Tunis

The campus, a green haven in the heart of Tunis, is home to some 250 students and a support staff of 11. Its main facilities and resources are: 

  • Library and data resource center with over 1200 specialized publications
  • Computer room
  • Conference room
  • Videoconference room
  • On-line library with campus-wide access to over 14,000 publications
  • Classrooms designed for 30-student classes
  • A Student bureau, elected annually
  • A cafeteria coordinated by the Student Bureau
  • A recreation room  (equipped with a micro-wave oven).