Fondation Dauphine

Fondation Dauphine was created in 2008, with support from Dauphine alumni and corporate partners, to provide Université Paris-Dauphine with the human and financial resources necessary to grow and develop in an ever more demanding world

Our guiding mission is to educate future generations of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and scholars to be independent, cultured and socially responsible members of the world community. We encourage excellence, diversity and equal opportunity.


Fondation Dauphine's purpose is to finance the university's development: innovative teaching, ambitious research projects, international exchange programs, academic & corporate partnerships and social solidarity.

Fondation Dauphine brings together students, faculty, alumni, patrons and corporate partners, in France and internationally in a vibrant, committed and  socially responsible community working daily to support Dauphine.


The foundation provides Université Paris-Dauphine with the financial support essential to meeting its objectives and implementing its strategy for excellence.

The Foundation:

  • collects gifts and donations and ensures that they are used as intended
  • enforces demanding standards for the projects it supports
  • ensures that the Foundation's funding is divided equitably among the University's strategic priorities: promoting research and research publications, broadening Dauphine's international  scope, supporting student entrepreneurial projects, developing equal opportunity admissions, making culture and the arts part of the Dauphine education and renovating the university's buildings and grounds. 


The foundation strives for excellence in all it undertakes.

Our missions:

  • encourage excellence in research and education
  • support Dauphine's ambition to become THE international reference for academics and research in the organization sciences by creating Fondation Dauphine Chairs of Excellence dedicated to the most pertinent current issues and by investing in innovative academic projects and in new educational support technologies
  • foster the entrepreneurial spirit
  • further social solidarity
  • create an ambitious, dynamic and diverse Dauphine community
  • strengthen efforts to ensure equal opportunity access to all of its programs