Management and Diversity Chair

Today, organizations function in an increasingly diverse world. They are faced with an increasingly diverse group of employees from very different backgrounds, cultural references, sensibilities and customs who must all work together.

It is now a generally accepted principal that diversity is an asset for companies provided they know how to manage it. Managing diversity does however raise new challenges.

To help meet those challenges, Université Paris-Dauphine with support from the Club XXIème Siècle and major French corporations – GDF SUEZ, La Poste, MACIF and SFR - created the Management and Diversity Chair.

The Chair's main objective is to develop research and academic programs in the field of managing diversity. We aim to: 

  • Contribute an academic perspective on the central issue of managing diversity
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary research approach bringing together a wide range of pertinent disciplines such as business administration, the sociology of organizations and even anthropology 
  • Develop knowledge and skills to help companies think about, train for and manage diversity.

The Management and Diversity Chair in partnership with the AFMD (French association of diversity managers) will be launching a Certificate in Diversity Management In the Fall of 2013.

The Chair is coordinated by:

Jean-François CHANLAT, Professor at Université Paris-Dauphine
Mustafa OZBILGIN, Professor and Brunel Business School, London England