Applying to Paris-Dauphine

Whether you are applying to Université Paris-Dauphine for the first time or registering as a returning student, click below for detailed information on how to proceed for applications and registration.

1) Applying

Applying to a first-year a Bachelor's program

There are 3 different admissions procedures depending on where you went to high school and what type of Baccalaureate you passed:

You passed your Baccalaureate in or prior 2017


You have a French Baccalauréat
(standard or with the international option)


You attended a French lycée, in France or one of the French overseas departments or territories, or a Lycée Français à l'étranger

(separate from the standard APB system)

From February 26th to April 06th 2018
You have a foreign Baccalaureate from outside the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland

Request for authorization to apply

Pre-registration from November 15th 2017 to January 22st 2018

- You are French citizen of an EU country with a foreign baccalaureate
You have a European (EB) or international Baccalaureate (IB)
You have a DAEU A or a DAEU B
- Your parent or parents are diplomats and are (or will be) posted in Paris for 2017-2018 academic year
- You are officially considered a refugee or stateless student
(in possession of OFPRA card)

Through the Dauphine Registar's Office
(Scolarité Centrale)

From March 26th to April 20th 2018

Applying to a 2nd or 3rd year Bachelor's program

Applying to a Magistère Multidisciplinary program (Bac+2)

Applying to a Master's program

Applying to a Dauphine University Diploma, Executive MBA or Executive Master's program

Applying to the Dauphine Doctoral School

For detailed information, go to the EDD - Dauphine Doctoral School webpage or visit the EDD - Dauphine Doctoral School web site

Applying to Executive and Continuing Education

Visit the Executive and Continuing Education web site for complete application guidelines and procedures as well as our course offering:

Applying to a Non-Degree Programs (Certification programs and Preparation for Civil Service Entrance Exams) 

2) Registering at Paris-Dauphine

Click below to access detailed registration calendars for the different academic departments

Registration calendars for the 2018-2019 academic year
LSO - Bachelor's in the Organization SciencesAvailable soon
MIDO - Bachelor's in the Mathematics and Information TechnologyAvailable soon
MSO - Master's in Organization SciencesAvailable soon
IPJ - the Dauphine School of JournalismAvailable soon
ATTENTION : Vigipirate security measures are in effect at Université Paris-Dauphine.
To enter the building you must present either a valid Dauphine Student ID (for returning students) or your official registration notice along with a photo ID.


  • You are registering at Dauphine for the first time: you will receive an email indicating whether you should register in person at Dauphine (by appointment) or on-line
  • You are are returning Dauphine student: visit My.Dauphine for detailed registration information

Paying your tuition & fees

Click here for a detailed list of Paris-Dauphine tuition and fees

Please note that your registration will be considered complete only once you have provided all mandatory documents and have paid your tuition and fees.

Payment MethodHow/Where to PayOption to pay in 3 installmentsComments
CheckPay to dauphine Accounting Office
(Agence Comptable)
Option not available
  • If the checking account-holder is present, he/she must present an official ID along with the check
  • If the checking account-holder is not present, the registering student must present the account-holder's ID or a certified photocopy thereof along with the check
Bank payment card 

Pay to dauphine Accounting Office
(Agence Comptable)


Payment online for students registering online

Possible from July to November only If you are paying in 3 installments: The first payment is due when you register.
The second and third installments will be debited respectively one and two months following registration.
Wire transferNo physical presence requiredOption not available

Contact the Dauphine Accounting Office (Agence Comptable) for the university's Routing Number . You must initiate and complete the wire transfer with your bank – Dauphine does not accept automatic debit orders.
NB: the wire transfer must include a clear indication of the student's name and Dauphine student ID number.

CashPay to dauphine Accounting Office
(Agence Comptable)
Option not available300 euros maximum
French regulations now require that all tuitions and fees over and above 300 euros de paid by check, credit card, or wire transfer.