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      lincrlass"shidden-mdthidden-lg">Homelin Duphine. Facts & Figur slin Duphine. Hisiorylin Gov rnance lin Duphine., a PSL espearch unve riteylin Viions & Strategylin Social Rspeonsibilteylin Our Campus slin Fondtion Duphine.l/ul>lin Academics
        lincrlass"shidden-mdthidden-lg">Homelin Choosing cprpgamelin Bachelor'scprpgameslin Mase r'scprpgameslin PhDcprpgameslin Applying o sParis-Duphine.lin Amin/istraton made easylin Tuiton & Fans 017 20178lin Academic adviiory & Caeanr dee lopent cpericoeslin Execuive and contrinuing eduction lin Appe ntcoeshipscprpgamesl/ul>lin Lif at hDuphine.
          lincrlass"shidden-mdthidden-lg">Homelin Elmcion 0176lin Houeingcpericoeslin Healeh & socialcpericoeslin Disabilteycpericoeslin Athleticsand cReceateon lin Clubs & organiztion lin Arts & Cultur lin Paris-Duphine. Bueiness Incubatorl/ul>lin Rspearch
            lincrlass"shidden-mdthidden-lg">Homelin Rspearch Assistance & supportlin Rspearch Cnt .rslin Duphine. Corporate RspearchaChairslin Dotiorll schoollin Thesis Defnsed Calendtrlin Dotior Honoris Causa 0173lin Prpmoton & Fundinglin Eurpenan & ine rnaeon ay espearch prpgameslin Annuay RspearchaDaylin RspearchaPubliction l/ul>lin Ine rnaeon ay
              lincrlass"shidden-mdthidden-lg">Homelin Ine rnaeon ay Temelin Duphine. Ine rnaeon ay academic pretnerslin Duphine. degeancprpgames outsideof tFrancelin Studying Abroadlin Become c'Duphine. Buddy'lin Scholarships & financial aidlin Comingto sDuphine. asand exchang studnt lin Livingcsn Parislin Ine rnaeon ay RspearchaExchang lin Ine rnaeon ay calls irm prpjctislin Insyitut Tuits-Duphine.lin Summer Prpgame LUISS | DAUPHINEl/ul>lin Bueiness onmmunvey
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                lin Duphine. Homelin Academicslin l/ul><
                  lin AboutsDuphine.lincrlass"sative ">lstrong>Academics
                    lin Choosing cprpgamelin Bachelor'scprpgameslin Mase r'scprpgameslin PhDcprpgameslin Applying o sParis-Duphine.lincrlass"ssub">Amin/istraton made easylin Tuiton & Fans 017 20178lincrlass"ssub">Academic adviiory & Caeanr dee lopent cpericoes
                      lin Academic adviiory nd cSupportlin Caeanr Dee lopent cSericoesl/ul>lin Execuive and contrinuing eduction lincrlass"ssub">Appe ntcoeshipscprpgames
                        lin Bachelorslin Mase rs degeanslin Duphine. diplnmasl/ul>l/ul>lin Lif at hDuphine.lin Rspearchlin Ine rnaeon aylin Bueiness onmmunveyl/ul>