Diplôme : Magistère in Banking, Finance and Insurance

  • Niveau de recrutement :120 ECTS credits (L2) admission to L3 level.
  • Durée des études :3 years


Classes from September to May (1st, 2nd year), October to February (3rd year).


The Magistère BFA (3 year banking, finance and insurance postgraduate qualification) was established in 1986 in order to offer a high-quality university programme in close co-ordination with professional organisations. Students expect to take up a career in finance, banking or insurance professions. The three year course aims to train high-level practitioners, capable of adapting successfully to the rapid changes of contemporary finance. The course alternates between academic classes, applied work and placements. The Magistère is a concentrated and very thorough programme. The courses focus on fundamental economic mechanisms, financial analysis, and new finance and insurance techniques, and utilise recent information and communication techniques.


3 compulsory placements: 1 month minimum (1st year), 2 months (2nd year), 4 months (3rd year).


Partnership with foreign universities: possibility of study abroad leading to a qualification or a study semester abroad.


Lectures by professionals on current financial trends, English classes in the 3rd year. Possibility of conditional equivalence with the Masters 2 ""Monetary and Financial Economics"" specialisation or ""International Financial Economics"" specialisation.