Apprenticeships programs

Our corporate partners consider Apprenticeship to be a path of excellence and the ideal solution to prepare talented students for their future career.

Dauphine's apprenticeship programs are based on a "co-tutorship" system. A Dauphine Academic tutor works in tandem with a Corporate tutor to accompany apprenticeship students individually and advise them on their final dissertation.  Academic and Corporate tutors meet annually to ensure that academic programs and on-the-job experience are both coherent and complementary.

Apprenticeship students benefit from one or two-year Apprenticeship contracts ("Contrats d'Apprentissage"), and in some cases from a Contrat de Professionnalisation.


Applications - 2015-2016 Academic year

MSO department apprenticeship track program (management, economy, law, social sciences)

  • Year 3 of a Bachelor's in Management
  • Year 1 of a Magistère in Management
  • Apprenticeship (and professionalisation) track Master's programs

Application at MSO

MIDO department apprenticeship track program (Mathematics, applied

Formations en Apprentissage du Département MIDO (Mathématiques, Informatique appliquée)

  • Apprenticeship track L3 in Information Systems - Track MIAGE in apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship track M1 in Information Systems - Track MIAGE in apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship track M2 in Information Systems - Track MIAGE ID/IF/SITN in apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship track M2 in Applied Mathematics - Track ISF in apprenticeship

Application at MIDO


Information sessions

Some Apprenticeship programs organize information sessions. To find out more, visit the page devoted to your program of choice.

App'Dau, the Dauphine Apprenticeship Association, organizes an annual Apprenticeship Encounter in January. The event is an opportunity for applicants interested in apprenticeship programs to meet and exchange directly with current Apprenticeship students. If you are considering applying to an apprenticeship program, sign up for the next annual encounter by visiting the App'Dau Facebook page.