Frequently Ask Questions

General questions

Where can I find the Student Exchange Office?

International Affairs, Porte Dauphine campus, ground Floor: In the courtyard, first door on your left.


Where can I find information regarding housing in Paris?

Click here to visite our housing page.

What are the best transport solutions for students in Paris ?

For further information, please visit the RATP website.

Life at Paris-Dauphine

How can I have a "buddy"?

Subscribe to the "Buddy program".

How can I get my student card? What is my student card useful for?

At the Student Exchange Office upon arrival.

  • Access to the university,
  • Borrow books at the library, access to the sport facilities,
  • Pay for your lunch at the CROUS cafeteria via Izly,
  • Get discounts

How can I access the sport facilities?

Register upon arrival : 70€ per year.

Visit our webpage dedicated to sport facilities.

Is there any computer access available for students (print, copy, and scan)?

Visit the CRIO website.

Where can I find all the information regarding the campus, life at Dauphine, Dauphine events, etc.?

Can I have lunch on the Campus?

4 different places:

  • 1 CROUS restaurant (3,25€ full meal)
  • 2 cafeterias
  • 1 food truck

Courses and Exams

How are courses organised at Paris-Dauphine?

3 departments:

  • Licence sciences des Organisations (LSO): Bachelor degrees - Course code starting with L
  • Master Sciences des Organisations (MSO): Masters degrees - Course code starting with M
  • Mathématiques et Informatique de la Décision et des Organisations (MIDO): Mathematics and Computer Science, Bachelor and Masters degrees - Course code starting with A

The International Affairs organise courses - Bachelor and Masters levels - Course code starting with I0

In which language are courses conducted?

  • French (courses in French and courses of French as a foreign language (FLE)
  • English

Can I choose any courses at Paris-Dauphine?

Your courses must be approved by your academic advisor in your home institution.

The number of credits you should take depends on your home institution. In Europe, 1 semester = 30 ECTS.

You can choose any courses available on the learning agreement website, provided that you have the pre-requisites and that there is availability.

How do I register to courses?

Create your learning agreement online (LIEN).

By creating your learning agreement, you pre-register to courses.

Does creating my learning agreement confirm my registration in the courses?

To confirm your registration you have to attend the first class of every course registred on your learning agreement, or your pre-registration will be cancelled.

When can I change my courses selection?

During the add and drop period, at the beginning of the semester.

Where can I get more details about courses, schedules, rooms?

Visit our webpage dedicated to course, schedules and academic calendars. (LIEN)

Is attendance to courses compulsory?

Yes, attendance to courses is compulsory.No more than 3 absences without an official certificate will be accepted.

Are there any retake exams?

Some courses have retake exams. Please contact your courses coordinator.

Who should I contact for exam accommodations due to medical reasons?

Click here to contact the Pôle Handicap at the very beginning of the semester.