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The Dauphine web site give you access to the full Dauphine Course Guide (list and descriptions) with an indication of the number of ECTS credits per course. You can search the course catalogue by level of study.

International exchange students receive extra ECTS credits for their courses, in recognition of the amount of personal out-of-class work and the intense linguistic efforts required of them. Accordingly, Dauphine has decided to multiply ECTS credits by 1.5 for international exchange students; the increased ECTS value is reflected in students' Study contracts.

A list of courses taught in English and classes in French as a foreign language is also available.

Don't hesitate to check class schedules and calendars regularly by visiting the Departmental calendar page of this web site; it will keep you up-to-date on any scheduling changes, venue modifications, cancelled classes etc….

International Exchange Classes: French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and Courses Taught in English (CIE)

These courses organized by the International Office

CIE course schedules:

FLE course schedules:

Detailed information:


Foreign exchange students may also take courses that are part of the normal Dauphine curriculum and taught by Dauphine academic departments, depending on prerequisites, the exchange student's level and available space…..