Become a 'Dauphine Buddy'

The Buddy program is a peer correspondent initiative for international exchange students coming to Dauphine.

The program offers them the opportunity to be in contact and exchange with a Dauphine student before they arrive in France. Our goal is to build ties between students and ensure that international exchange students do not feel alone as they take their first steps at Dauphine.

A Dauphine Buddy may have a single or several correspondents. Students can indicate a preference for their exchange student's mother tongue.

Just a few examples of what a Dauphine Buddy does:

  • accompany  correspondents on a tour of the university, explais where things are and how they work: where to buy meal tickets, where to find the different student and university services, how computer classrooms or the Library function …
  • explain how to get around Paris, how the Métro and buses work,  about monthly travel cards….
  • help correspondents find their bearings for everyday practical life: the supermarket, banks, the Post Office …
  • more generally,  make it easier for correspondents to adapt to France and to French culture

For more information, contact: The Facebook page !