International Exchange – one of Université Paris-Dauphine's Top Priorities

Dauphine is a truly international university - 25% of our student body hails from outside of France; we have developed a wide range of international joint and dual degree programs, international research projects and exchanges; we have created Dauphine campuses abroad, our faculty and researchers publish in the world's most prestigious international scientific reviews – and we are firmly committed to pursuing our international development.

Université Paris-Dauphine's international exchange programs in the European Union are organized within the framework of the Socrates-Erasmus and ECTS systems. For its non-European programs, Dauphine signs bilateral academic agreements with partner universities.

In order to further broaden its international scope, Dauphine works with university organizations like the CREPUQ (conference of Quebec Universities) thanks to whom we have been able to increase our North American exchange programs.

To attract foreign students and to facilitate their integration, Dauphine has reinforced its offering of courses taught in English, developed classes in French as a foreign language and organized an intensive French language seminar for non French-speaking students at the beginning of each semester.

Research at Dauphine is also international in scope.

Université Paris-Dauphine's research centers are active in numerous international networks for scientific cooperation and work with a wide range of international partners.

Dauphine researchers and faculty publish in the world's most prestigious international scientific reviews, participate in international scientific committees,  conferences and colloquia and are members of the scientific advisory committees of international research organizations.

Dauphine encourages its PhD students, researchers and faculty to participate in international exchange, notably through joint thesis supervisory agreements, exchange agreements with foreign universities and by inviting foreign guest researchers to Dauphine.


Université Paris-Dauphine took first place in the 2014 Erasmus Ranking for Ile de France universities and ranked 4th nationally.