On-line Resources - ENT

ENT: a universal portal for university services

The ENT portal (Digital Work Space) gives students, faculty and staff access to all Université Paris-Dauphine services:

  • webmail and directory
  • practical information and news
  • documentary and data resources
  • eLearning

The Dauphine campus is Wi-Fi equipped and has numerous free-access computer stations.

MyCourse:  a comprehensive on-line curriculum platform with over 900 on-line class-rooms

MyCourse is an on-line curriculum support platform that gives students access to course material and to group study and exchange tools: shared files, wikis, blogs….

Students can access their course material and multi-media modules through the MyCourse on-line course catalogue.


14,000 e-periodicals and reviews are available via the on-line resource portal: Business Source Complete, Science Direct, Presse en ligne…

Learning to use e-resources

E-resource training sessions and workshops are available to students, faculty and staff (including the C2i certification).