Disability Services

Université Paris-Dauphine's disability policy has been developed within the framework of the French government's multi-annual disabled integration scheme and focuses on three main areas:

  • Job maintenance for the disabled or impaired
  • Recruiting employees with an official disability
  • Raising awareness of the different forms of disability so that they can be better accommodated in the workplace.

Depending on your disability and on the condition that you have the necessary supporting documents, Dauphine can provide you with individualized assistance. Disability Services are there for you when you need them at any stage of your career. In fact, 70% of our disabled faculty and staff were not disabled when they began working at Dauphine!

Dauphine can work with you to adapt your workstation to your disability thanks to a variety of grants made possible by the civil service's disabled persons insertion fund (FIHFP).

If you are officially disabled, you are eligible for certain benefits:

  • The right to work part-time
  • Priority for job transfers
  • Priority for detachments and secondings
  • Special retirement provisions
  • Vacation subsidies through the chèques vacances program

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