Life at Dauphine

Dauphine is a great place to be for faculty and staff!

Our main campus is located in central Paris and a second site is close by at Leonardo de Vinci in La Défense. Both are easily accessible by public transportation and only a few minutes from the Place de l'Etoile.

Dauphine is a "human-size", self-contained University with all the facilities and services necessary to make life comfortable for faculty, staff and students alike.

Faculty and staff can: 

  • practice sports by registering with the Athletic Association
  • use the university cafeteria
  • take advantage of  the Dauphine Nursery for children 3 and under
  • attend the monthly "open university" lectures
  • use library and data resources
  • participate in the Dauphine Chorale and other artistic activities

and attend any number of events, conferences, forums and festivals that make Dauphine such a vibrant and exciting place to be!