Faculty & Staff

Message from the President

Moving ahead thanks to our faculty and staff

Dauphine is firmly committed to competing internationally with the world's top-ranking academic and research institutions. We are currently engaged in projects of significance for Dauphine's future: 

  • building strategic academic partnerships with prestigious French institutions notably under the PSL initiative for excellence
  • developing Dauphine's institutional recognition internationally
  • maintaining and advancing the quality of both taught and research programs
  • improving our administrative and financial organization
  • investing in our la Défense campus

Moving forward has also meant adapting our methods and organization. 

The advent of institutional autonomy has given us greater freedom to manage and develop our human and financial resources as well as our facilities.

Faculty and researchers are able to focus increasingly on their core activities: teaching and research. Administrative and support staff have broadened their scope and gained new areas of competency.

Recruiting the best available candidates, ensuring that faculty and staff have access to continuing education and investing in our organization is essential to making Dauphine the world-class institution it is today.    

This section of our web site is designed to provide you with all you need to:

  • discover Dauphine's organizational structure
  • consult current job opportunities
  • learn about our continuing education policy
  • take advantage of library & data resources and athletic & cultural activities
  • access on-line resources
  • find answers to all your queries about life at Dauphine and our web sites