Conference of October 23

Click below and listen to the BBC's broadcast "Exchanges: The Global Economy"

  • First broadcast  Saturday 23 November 2013 19:06 GMT
  • 2nd broadcast Sunday 24 November  2013  12:06 GMT

2 further editions of “Exchanges on the Global Economy” with the BBC and  Université PARIS-DAUPHINE are planned  

  • 4th of December  with  Daniel COHEN  7pm
  • 18th of December with Nassim TALEB  7pm

« Exchanges on the Global Economy: the world’s leading economists speak to the BBC »

On June 27th 2013, Dauphine inaugurated a cycle of four prestigious conferences with world-renown economists. The conferences will be recorded in public by the BBC World Service for its program: 'Exchanges on the Global Economy: the world's leading economists speak to the BBC'.

The recorded conferences will be broadcast to over 43 million listeners on the 5 continents.

George AYITTEY in conversation with the BBC's Justin Rowlatt at Université Paris-Dauphine on Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Who is George AYITTEY ?

George AYITTEY, a former professor of economics emeritus at the American University of Washington, is founder and President of the Free Africa Foundation.

His message: "Aid is useless. Africa is poor because it is not free!"

If you are interested in learning more about George AYITTEY, watch these videos:

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On the Cheetah Generation

On foreign aid

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