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Chief Secretary to the British Treasury shares his perspective on the EU

On May 16th 2014, Université Paris-Dauphine and the British Embassy in Paris welcomed the Rt. Hon. Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the British Treasury for a round-table discussion on the theme: The United Kingdom: 'Towards a sustainable recovery in a reformed Europe'.

The conference took place in the prestigious Raymond Aron lecture hall in front of 150 students and representatives of the French and British economic community. Chief Secretary Alexander spoke about the current British economic recovery and the UK paradox: a strong economy on all fronts along with uncertainty on the UK's place in Europe:

  • des signaux très positifs de reprise économique (la plus forte création nette d'emploisStrong economic indicators: the highest job creation figures in 30 years, the highest growth rate of all the G7 countries for 2013 and a 33% fall in the budget deficit. The results are due to the general vitality of the British economy and to the Cameron government's economic stimulus package and labor law reform measures.
  • A somewhat uncertain political landscape marked by a strong Euroskeptic sentiment and the up-coming referendum on Scottish independence.

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