Université Paris-Dauphine opens a Casablanca Campus


On October 18th, 2016, Laurent Batsch, President of Université Paris-Dauphine, inaugurated Dauphine's Casablanca (Morocco) campus for continuing and executive education. The Casablanca campus, located in the city's Technopark, is the newest member of the Dauphine international campus network alongside Tunis and London.

The Casablanca campus is an important step forward in Paris-Dauphine's international development strategy. But the university's international presence is not limited to its overseas campuses. Dauphine has developed 280 international academic partnership agreements across the globe, offers 20 international degrees, and has 15 internationally based executive education programs in 13 countries that train over 700 professionals annually.

The Casablanca campus participates in the university's long-term commitment to Africa. Paris-Dauphine has a deep-rooted relationship with the continent, and in particular with Morocco, where it has long-established joint academic programs and a significant group of Dauphine Alumni.

Dauphine believes that Africa will play an increasingly significant geopolitical role and that higher education is key to its future development. Although expectations in Africa are high, local options for pursuing a top-level university education are currently insufficient. Paris-Dauphine would like the Casablanca campus to serve as a regional and sub-Saharan hub of educational excellence.

The Casablanca campus benefits from all of Dauphine's expertise and academic excellence in the area of executive education as well as the university's unique research-based approach to teaching. Members of the Dauphine faculty, recognized for their research and experts in their fields, coordinate the Casablanca program and teach a majority of the courses. Their teaching will be supplemented with the participation of local business leaders, managers and consultants who will share their experience with program participants.

In Casablanca, teaching follows the same approach and philosophy as at Paris-Dauphine: small classes, teaching based on experience-sharing and interaction. Students will receive individual academic and career development advisory services throughout their studies.

  Casablanca offers a curriculum tailored to the needs of practicing professionals, making it possible for them to study while continuing to fulfill their professional obligations. Programs are taught over a one-year period with classes grouped in intensive seminars, several days each month.

Dauphine Casablanca is considered to be a "Private Institute of Higher Learning in the Management and Organization Sciences", accredited by the Government of Morocco in August 2016.

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