IoT: making life easier and safer for dependent seniors


Alain Tixier, a Paris-Dauphine Alumnus, has been the awarded the Concours Lépine's Gold Medal for his intelligent interactive cushion, designed for dependent seniors.

Alain Tixier and his company Fingertips developed this surface sensitive cushion to meet the needs of dependent individuals who are not particularly computer and multi-media literate.


The cushion's simple, customizable touch commands interface with the user's other domestic devices: smart home systems, eHealth devices, telephone, television, public services, emergency services, community health services, and other personal services. It also makes it possible to keep in contact with family, friends, and homecare assistants via email or videoconferencing, to receive local news and information, and communicate with selected contacts (stores for example). It is portable, lightweight and wireless; it is also unbreakable, sterilizable, washable and watertight.

In addition to the Concours Lépine's Gold Medal, ViktorTM (that's its name) has won numerous other awards: The City of Paris Bronze Medal, silver medalist in La Poste's 2016 French IoT competition (Health category), selected by the CES Las Vegas for its 2016 and 2017 exhibitions, SilverEco Best product award 2017, Trophée des objects Connectés 2016 – Prize for the best object or service for seniors or the disabled, Ciu-Santé de Nice's Living Lab PAILLON 2020 award, and the Nice Rotary Club's "Service" award.

Alain Tixier believes that he owes his success in part to his university years at Paris-Dauphine. His degree in Business Management – Social Entrepreneurship made it possible for him to "successfully undertake social entrepreneurship initiatives by participating in the process of corporate governance. As I advanced in my studies," he comments, "I realized that to effect social change, it is not sufficient to write about it, you have to act!"

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