Dauphine Art Days are back: from March 27th – 31st 2017!


The 2017 edition of Dauphine Art Days will be devoted to IMMERSION.

Dauphine Art Week was created in 1993, to showcase the visual arts. In 2014 the festival made a fresh start when it extended its focus to the performing arts and changed its name to Dauphine Art Days.

Dauphine Art Days is a collaborative initiative bringing together several student clubs and associations: the Association of Master's students in Managing Cultural Institutions (EMMOC), the Student Bureau (BDE), and the Student Arts Council (BDA). The team is young, engaged and diverse.
What is the festival for? To create a space (in time) where the Dauphine community is free to explore a wide array of performance formats (exhibitions, shows, happenings, concerts, fashion shows, etc., to stir festival goers' emotions, create reactions, peak their curiosity, and give them something to remember!

The 2017 edition of Dauphine Art Days will take place under the banner of IMMERSION:
"Organizers, artists, performers, cultural mediators and festival goers will share in an exciting, fast-paced, event-packed week. We hope that festival goers will look beyond individual experiences immerse themselves in a cornucopia of artistic proposals. To take part in Dauphine Art Days is like diving into a special universe where the visual arts mix with hip-hop, fashion meets theater, music joins dance. Festival goers are more than just spectators, they participate in the creative space, becoming part and parcel of the art."
Thomas Penot, President, EMMOC (Association of Master's students in Managing Cultural Institutions)

Visit the Dauphine Art Days website for more information on this exceptional event: http://www.dauphineartdays.com

Check below for the detailed program. Click on the events that interest you for more information and to register.

March 27th 2017

March 27th to 30th 2017

March 28th 2017

March 29th 2017

March 30th 2017

March 31st 2017