You still have a few days to apply to the Dauphine Global Bachelor's (GBD) London!


The Dauphine Global Bachelor's program London welcomes students who wish to do part or all of their Bachelor's degree at Dauphine's London campus.

Université Paris-Dauphine launched its Global Bachelor's (GBD) program in September 2014 for Bachelor's students in Economics and Management. Curriculum is similar to that of the Dauphine Paris Campus Bachelor's program, but tailored to the Anglo-Saxon context and the program's international focus. It prepares students to pursue their studies in one of Dauphine's Master's programs.

Classes are taught in English, primarily by British university faculty (King's College, UCL, LSE, University of Bath). Curriculum includes Bachelor's-level courses in Macro-economics, Microeconomics, Private Law, Public Law, Introduction to Management, Accounting, Statistics and Math, as well as language courses.

It is an innovative program that clearly demonstrates Dauphine's commitment to increasing its international focus. Dauphine students live a truly immersive academic experience thanks to Dauphine's University College London (UCL) partnership thanks to which they participate fully in UCL's associative, sporting and language-training activities.

Language training has been expanded to include additional languages and a broader range of proficiency levels. Class schedules have been modified so that GBD London students can spend more time at the UCL campus and take advantage of the UCL Library as well as athletics and student associative activities.

Application deadlines vary depending on your personal profile:

  • Bachelor's Year 1 :
    - Deadline for students applying via the Special Admissions Process: March 24th 2017 midnight
    This process concerns students who are French or citizens of an EU country with a foreign Baccalaureate, students who have a European or International Baccalaureate (IB), a DAEU A or a DAEU B, have parents who are diplomats and are (or will be) posted to Paris for the 2017-2018 academic year, or are officially considered a refugee or stateless student (in possession of an OFPRA card)
    Deadline for students applying via the Standard Dauphine Application Process: April 7th midnight
    This process concern students who have or will have a French Baccalaureate
  • Students applying to Bachelor's years 2 or 3: see link below.

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For more information, visit the the GBD London website: